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 Rules (last updated 2015.10.01)

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PostSubject: Rules (last updated 2015.10.01)   Thu Oct 01, 2015 11:23 am

This will be the basic ruleset for the future.

1.) Do not spam. Those actions are considered spamming that are not necessarily malicious, but are annoying to most people - such as yelling; lack of understandable content in your communication; bunnyhop; spawning massive props and effects; overusing or abusing the functions of the gamemode/map; excessively swearing.

2.) Server administrators are allowed to make decisions based on their personal opinion, even if the rules do not contain anything specific in regards of the situation you were in as you've been taken action against. If you believe an administrator is abusing his power, you you allowed and expected to post an abuse report.
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Rules (last updated 2015.10.01)
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