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 Policies within the community.

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PostSubject: Policies within the community.   Tue Sep 22, 2015 11:26 pm

Hello there!

Here I'd like to point out the main guidelines our community follows. This includes premium-related things, the way you should approach server-rules, admin-stuff' and mainly everything. This thread can be updated sometimes, of which we'll post a notification, but it is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with this post in the first place. These are also working as a Terms of Use.

1. Actions taken against users

1.1 Sapphire-Gaming takes offenses seriously. Therefor we do not apply timed-bans for our members (which includes game-servers' and the forum's users too) if we decide to ban someone from using our services. Appealing to a game-server ban is always possible through this forum. Appealing to forum-user bans however is not possible. We only place such bans in extreme cases, for example massive spams. Appeals however can be rejected for example if it does not follow the required template, or it is being repeated within a week.
1.2 On Game-Servers, you might be blacklisted from using certain functions (such as from an in-game job, a NPC menu, whatsoever) in case we find you abusing with such functions. These blacklists are, by default timed to three weeks, but they might be permanent as well.
1.3 The Staff (which includes the Owners, the Super Administrators, and the Administrators) retains the right to take action against any player at any time, without further or previous notice.
1.4 Users are required to follow the Administrators' orders at all times even if a specified rule says the administrator would be wrong. In case you believe an abuse took place, report the Administrator immediately.
1.5 VIP users are rewarded with special bonuses and access rights in exchange for their dedication and support. They are, however not above other players, and will be punished if they act like so.
1.6 VIP access can be removed at any time without warning, or specific reason - by purchasing a VIP status, you are acknowledging that no refunds will be made, and the lenght of your VIP status depends on your actions and the lifetime of the gameserver.
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Policies within the community.
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