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 Appeal an action (Template)

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PostSubject: Appeal an action (Template)   Tue Sep 22, 2015 11:11 pm

Use the following template when you'd like to object an that was taken against you.
Failure to do so will most probably result in an instant removal of the appeal.

[b]Your SteamID:[/b] <steamIDhere>
[b]Incident's ID:[/b] <An unique ID of a report / ID shown in-game>
[b]Type of report:[/b] <Ban appeal / Blacklist appeal / other>
[b]Server: [/b] <Garry's Mod:BMRP / Forums / etc.>
[b]What was the exact offense?[/b] <eg 'Excessive propkilling'>
[b]Please explain clearly what happened:[/b] <long story>
[b]Evidence:[/b] <preferably video + witnesses>
[b]Anything else: [/b] <If there is anything else to say.>
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Appeal an action (Template)
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